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luv2b4u's Journal

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One universe created by Thought of Unconditional Love
I'm married to Jame now almost ten years, and we have three children. I love to "talk", and am just looking for a place where I belong. I created this place for those who have like information who want to share, or those who simply have questions along their journey. I don't know much, but I know that I can Love through Our Creator! Perhaps Jame can answer the hard ones, since he's the brains, and others can contribute! Cuz to me, if we have all come from One, then together we can figure it out as one! The times I feel truly alive are when I'm touching anything that of Creation (seeds, flowers, trees etc.)!, and when I get the chance to love others in this whole world the way we were taught to love by Immanuel, and many others that have come and gone! There is no end to knowledge in my way of thinking, but am open minded to what others have to say. I am still learning so much on this journey of life, so all I ask is patience for my mistakes (and mistakes mean learning). :) I love everyone I meet! They are after all my brothers and sisters, b/c we all have come from One Source: Our Infinite Creator!